Caves and Goblins

Episode 0
The Story so Far

At the start of our story, Feleck and Norlamir awoke in a Goblin pirate ship, after separately having failed to take down a Goblin Fortress set deep in the Forgotten Desert. They slayed almost every goblin in the ship, however one managed to escape and set fire to the explosive material stored in the bottom of the ship. The party did manage to escape on their lifeboats, and rowed into the human capital of Stonefort.

The next session, the party heard of a small Thieves’ Guild within the city, fronting as a tavern. They suspected the guild of stealing not only from the wealthy and corrupt, but also the poor and weak. The party killed every last thief but one by luring them onto the roof and shooting them as they climbed up, and took them down. However, when they went to the stash, they found that it had all been stolen by a gargoyle.

Later, the party heard of a necromancer practicing the dark arts near the cliffs around the city. They found his hidden lair, and took down the abominations inside. However, the necromancer turned out not to be home, but his assistant was. After killing the assistant and the slime that he had been experimenting on, they left the lair.

On the final adventure so far, the party tracked down the gargoyle to an old island fort off the coast of Ironport. Evading the traps in the port, they found the gargoyle hiding, and managed to slay it. Norlamir even found a Hood of the Living, which will aid him in his quest to kill every undead ever. They also chopped off the head of the gargoyle and gave it to their favorite tavern, the Tavern by the Road, which as since been renamed to The Gargoyle’s Head.

Now, the party is ready to set off on an escort mission to the city of Unita by way of Woodfarm, where the the College of Thran-Tin is set to dock. A lowly gnome street magician, Zarzulem, has requested them to be his bodyguards as he sets off on his own quest to learn more than mere parlor tricks. This will also get the party closer to their main goal, taking down the Goblin Fortress that they failed to take down before.


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