Map of Unitad

Cities of Unitad

Unita: Capital city of the middle of the country, where all live in harmony.

College of Thran-Tin: Started by elves who wanted to teach the other races divine magic, the college floats high in the sky and moves all throughout the land. It docks periodically in Unita to accept new students.

Human Cities

Stonefort: Capital city of the humans, known for its focus on war.

Ironport: A city focused on importing and exporting goods as well as gambling, taverns, and games.

Woodfarm: Focused on farming and agriculture, Woodfarm exports food and brew all throughout the land.

Dwarven Cities

Dor’Shul: Capital city of the dwarves, it is known for its focus on defending the dwarves and training a vast military. The city is inside the tallest mountain in the land.

Dwo’Shin: A city focused on the worship of Torag, the favored god to the dwarves. It is also the deepest city the dwarves have, some say it spans miles underground.

Dre’Shum: Focused on mining and crafting, they create the finest armor and weapons in the land.

Elven cities

Cali-Tin: Capital city of the elves, it is known for its vast magical knowledge. Races other then elves are generally not allowed into the city.

Oit-Tin: An elven port city, it is known for crafting and enchanting weapons and armor.

Fe-Tin: Built in the middle of the woods, this city is focused on the art of hunting, and drinking afterwards.

Forgotten Desert

A mostly deserted land, as it is dry and inhospitable. Many unsavory races, such as Goblins and Orcs, call this their home.


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