Stonefort.jpgStonefort is the capital of the human empire in Unitad. A city built to be the most powerful and defensible fortress ever seen, Stonefort is set on a tall cliff at the very eastern edge of the country.


Stonefort was built to defend the human empire from the elves when the humans first settled on the island. Since then, a treaty has been made, and the elves now live in the southern quarter of the country. Because of the war’s end, there are now many abandoned island outposts to the east that guards used to be posted out in.

Important Places

Stonefort Castle is on the western edge of the city, closest to the ocean. It towers over the rest of the city, and the walled portion is built around it and the nicer areas.

The Gargoyle’s Head, formerly known as The Tavern by the Road, is a small tavern that is unique in that it has an actual severed gargoyle’s head on its sign. The head was donated by a pair of generous adventurers who have patronized the bar and inn often.


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