4d97240dc280f7c7d5acdf04d44e69cb_1_.jpgUnita is the capital city of Unitad. It is the largest city by population, and is inhabited by many different races.


The city was founded a long time ago, and served as a city of outcasts. Many half-races, halflings, and gnomes flocked to the city, and made it their own. After the war between the humans and elves, the city was named and established as the capital of the land. Meetings between the various governments are often held in the city, however Unita does not have its own single leader. Instead, many leaders from the various districts and groups are elected and make decisions democratically.

Important Places

The docks of Unita are how people from the elven and human sections of Unitad get to the city. Many imports and exports are exchanged through them, and you can get goods from almost any city in the country.


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